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    Pythonpath not updating sys path

    Occasionally when using Python scripts with Blender they return various types of 'runtime' error, especially when performing complex operations.For the most part this is usually, and thankfully, due to Blender or a script simply trying to access Python via a "System Variable" that doesn't exist - the path to Python itself.In most cases it happens after an automatic refactoring with Py Charm (typically if you use the logging framework in the classical way)*, if it happens for other reasons it’s a signal that your software design is not sound and that you must review it carefully.So, you've written your first Django app, and deployed...

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    = dirname(path), errormsg path = join(path, "src") (_, subdir_list, _) = os.walk(path).next() for subdir in subdir_list: if subdir.startswith("."): continue subdir_path = join(path, subdir) if subdir_path in sys.path: continue append(subdir_path) _setpath() Currently, I need to keep a separate but identical copy of this function in each entry point.The problem starts with two things: something Python does implicitly, and Django's project layout. This breaks when you deploy, because typically you don't run -- at least, not from within your project directory.Now is the point people find they've been writing all of their apps and code with this assumption .... It's usually caused by your code importing the same module by two different "names". The de-facto practice of DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=projectname.settings make clear sense, now, since there it is, right in your workspace.I call this function from each entry-point in the system."""Add working copy (branch) to sys.path""" import os import sys def _setpath(): """Add working copy (branch) to sys.path""" markerfile = "branch_root_marker" path = "" if ("__file__" in locals() or globals()) and __file__ !

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